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HACK/SLASH Continues! Important Notes about ARMY OF DARKNESS VS HACK/SLASH

1. This book is IN CONTINUITY, picking up approximately five months after the events of HACK/SLASH #25.  This crossover matters!

2. Tim Seeley is the writer.

3. Dan Leister is the artist.

4. This book is released by DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT, not IMAGE COMICS.  If your retailer racks their books by publisher, this is important!

5. It’s ARMY OF DARKNESS VS HACK/SLASH.  If your retailer racks their books alphabetically, this is important!

6. If your retailer isn’t stocking them, ask them to reorder!  DIAMOND order codes are MAY130999 (Caselli cover), MAY131000 (Seeley cover), MAY131001 (Templesmith cover) or MAY131004 (Cute Subscription Variant cover).  Also ask them to order the rest of the books in the series.

7. There are multiple covers for this issue, at least nine.


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